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The Professional Electrician in Kogarah

Easyfix Electrics have always been ready to resolve your electrical issues by providing a professional electrician in Kogarah. For 40 years, we have always ensured that our customers get the best services. Our experienced electricians will always get your job done at the earliest with a 100% workmanship guarantee on our services.
We provide same-day services and are available 24/7 to ensure the safety of your homes and businesses. Being a family-owned business, we offer friendly, polite and punctual electrician services in Kogarah. We are passionate about what we do and provide only top-notch fittings for your electric and electronic installations. Our qualified and licensed electricians in Kogarah have been skilled in resolving numerous electrical issues like overloading and short circuits to name a few.

Easyfix electricians can deal with the following electrical issues:

  • Preventing accidents using safety measures like fire alarms.
  • Dealing with all the emergency electrical issues 24/7.
  • Ensuring surge protection as part of enhanced power supply.
  • Handling network data cabling in the best way possible.
  • Also getting involved in commercial power supply for hotels, restaurants and workstations.
  • Testing, tagging and fault detection using thermal imaging.
  • Strata Maintenance and complete wiring for residential and commercial spaces.
  • EV charger installations and maintenance.
  • EV charger billing and usage reporting and management for strata buildings.
As soon as you report an electrical issue to us we will send our experienced electricians to your place. With our electricians on your premises, you will be able to have a quick fix to your electrical issue.

Find the Root Cause of the issue:

  • If you ever come across an emergency electrical issue, the first thing to remember is to not panic! Sometimes power loss could have occurred due to natural forces such as storms or lightning strikes. In that case, then use an emergency light or candles and wait for the situation to cool down.
  • Also, if natural causes are not the reason, turn off all the switches and supplies and then call for an electrician. Check out your neighborhood if they have a power supply to find whether only your home is affected or not by a blackout.
  • Check for the main supply switch, whether it has been turned off. If you don't have them installed, ask your electrician in Lindfield to install one.
  • When we reach your location, we will check out all the points, heavy voltage appliances to find out the reason for the blackout and help you get back your power as fast as possible.
Along with emergency services, we also help with electrician needs for house, office, residential, commercial, industrial spaces. We help our customers with PowerPoint installations, switchboard installations, safety switch installs and repairs, electrical safety checks, home automation, home theatre set-up, data, and network cabling, to the whole house rewires and renovations. We are always up to the task to provide you with high-quality service and innovative results.

Providing power for your EV electric vehicles in Kogarah:

Have you already got an electrical vehicle or are thinking of purchasing one in the future but are unsure how to charge it and how they work? Our electricians can provide the perfect solution to both individual homes, businesses and strata units. We provide intelligent chargers that you can monitor and manage your usage in real time on your mobile or tablet. And for businesses and strata units we provide convenient and simple usage reports monthly, quarterly or bi-annually so you can allocate the usage expenses.

Upgrading Your Electrical Components

To increase the overall efficiency and functionality, it is necessary to enhance and upgrade your electrical components wherever needed. With the help of our well-qualified electricians, you are guaranteed to upgrade your electrical components. That said, the following are some more details related to the up-gradation of electrical components:
  • When dealing with your electrical needs, we ensure top-quality products and services. We additionally provide a 100% workmanship guarantee, so you can remain stress-free if any issues are faced as we will repair them at no additional cost.
  • Due to natural calamities such as storms, floods, there might be blackouts; at such times, there might be fluctuations, and more fusing problems; our experts, when called, will inspect your spaces and provide effective solutions.
  • Never try fixing electrical switchboards, fuses without proper knowledge, our electricians when called will reach your place and get your power back without any hassle.
  • Suppose your power consumption keeps on increasing with the day. In that case, our expert electrician in Kogarah will install power savers, add power-saving wirings and might also suggest changing your old appliances as they tend to chew on more electricity.
  • One should install your new home appliances only as per the instructions given by your manufacturers. On the whole, faulty installation of appliances and lack of wiring will usually contribute to your increased power bills. Our electricians from Easyfix Electrics will assist you with installing new electrical components and new appliances as per instructions apart from wiring/rewiring in Kogarah.

Handling Home Automation & Networking in Kogarah:

  • We are happy to announce that our well-trained electricians and technicians have also been engaged in home automation and networking. Home automation helps make your homes smarter.
  • For home automation, you will be able to monitor all your home attributes like lighting, other appliances and weather conditions remotely. Our electricians have great exposure to modern home automation.
  • That said, Easyfix Electrics has one more role to play in the field of networking. Understanding today’s challenges and emerging business needs, our technicians can handle issues related to networking such as adding new data cables, phone cables and adding additional data points.


If you face any electrical issue at home, traditional or modern, or in commercial space, feel free to talk to our electricians, who are kind-hearted and helpful. Contact us on 02 9666 8008 to get fast and reliable services from our qualified electricians in Kogarah. After all, we at Easyfix Electrics have been focussing on maximum customer satisfaction.