Highly Professional Electrician in Inner West


At Easyfix Electrics, we know and understand the importance of peace of mind that our customers get when they hire a top-class service provider such as us for their home electrical work. As part of our working philosophy, we consider everything to be equally important. The minute details are just as critical for us as is the entire project that has been assigned to us by our customers. It does not matter what work our customers have assigned to us, we regard them all with equal importance.

Time is of the essence to us along with providing our pre-eminent services across the country at any time. We work all 7 days to make sure that we can serve you efficiently. All we want is to protect you and your residential\commercial space from any electrical problems.

What services do we provide?

As the leading local brand in this industry these are the services we offer to our customers:

  • rewiring and repairing power and lighting circuits
  • installing and supplying safety switches and RCBOs and RCDs (residual-current devices)
  • repairing and finding electrical faults
  • repairing, replacing, and upgrading switchboards
  • installing sensors, security, and external lights
  • installing cooktops, ovens, and stoves
  • installing smoke detectors
  • installing air conditioning units
  • replacing and installing outdoor and indoor powerpoints and light fittings
  • telephone, communications, and data cabling
  • thermal imaging and electrical safety assessment
  • fire safety inspections for AFSS (Annual Fire Safety Statement) compliance

It is this diverse array of services that has played such a major role in making us the top electricians in inner west Sydney.

Some more information on our services

Our customers need to know that there is more to faulty or old wiring than merely being a source of inconvenience. They can cause a serious hazard to their lives and their properties. This is where we can help our customers as the leading electricians in inner west Sydney. We always prioritise the safety of our customers over and above everything else. This is always at the forefront of our minds when we are investigating faulty or old wiring or installing new wiring.

We are qualified professionals

We can offer the range of services we have talked about above. All our technicians are fully qualified to work in our industry, and they have plenty of experience to boot. So, people call us whenever they need an electrician in inner west Sydney to maintain, install, or repair electrical instruments at their properties. Our professionals enjoy the complete trust of our customers as they are the best experts in town. They are extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of electrical work.

Why should our customers call us for such work?

The following are the reasons:

  • All our electricians have every licence necessary to work in the industry.
  • We have certified Level 2 electricians who are always on-duty to help our customers.
  • Our electricians work all across the region.
  • We always respond quickly to emergency calls from our customers.
  • We make sure our customers’ worries are eased with our work.
  • We have plenty of top-quality professionals working for us.
  • We will sort out the electrical problems being faced by our customers in the first visit.

It is because of these reasons we are acknowledged to be the best electricians in inner west Sydney.


One can usually tell if there is any rewiring required. If there are any exposed parts of wire, be sure it is time enough for new wiring. You can also inspect the fuse box to know the status of the wiring. 

Easyfix Electrics will ensure that your house has proper wiring. Our electricians are talented professionals who can fix anything electrical. Call us to get a free quote now!

Choosing a right electrician Sydney Inner west can be a task. Dealing with electrics is no joke. One has to have profound knowledge in order to fix\install\replace any electrical appliance. 

Ask your friends and family members for a trustworthy and experienced electrician. Do your own research and make sure you call for an electrician who is licensed and charges reasonably.

Easyfix Electrics has licensed electricians who charge competitively. Our electricians perform all tasks efficiently. We are your right choice!